We take hair straightening seriously here at Beautisenz. When it comes to hair straighteners, there are different plate materials available and each have different purposes to suit different needs. Careful consideration should be made when choosing between the different flat iron types; the most important being your hair type.

In this article we will look at titanium vs. ceramic plate material types so that you can better understand the differences and similarities between the two. Scroll down for more information.

What is a Ceramic Flat Iron?

Ceramic products are made from material mixtures such as clay and water that are shaped into forms and then heated into a solid. They will demonstrate excellent strength and hardness properties, but can also be brittle.

Ceramic straighteners offer excellent value for money. Some of the desired benefits of a ceramic straightener are:

  • Smooth glide – they will not tug or pull at hair.
  • Quick even heat – they heat up very quickly and evenly so you will not have to make many passes through the hair.

There are also tourmaline infused ceramic irons on the market. Together they make for a very desirable straightener giving you incredibly shiny locks. Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that comes in all different colors. The benefits tourmaline brings to a ceramic iron are:

  • Generates a larger amount of negative ions that lock moisture into hair, reducing static and frizz.
  • Generates infrared heat that penetrates the hair from the inside out making hair smooth and shiny without damage.
  • Heats up quickly like ceramic.



Pros & Cons of Ceramic Plates

  • Affordable
  • Heats up quickly and evenly.
  • Glides smoothly over the hair without snagging.
  • Great for beginners and those with all hair types.
  • Some irons are labeled as ceramic but are merely ceramic coated over aluminum plates and do not retain heat as well. Look for solid ceramic.
  • Ceramic is not as durable as titanium. The plates can chip over time due to the brittle nature of ceramics.

What is a Titanium Straightener?

Titanium is a great material for hair straighteners as it is high in strength, but low in density so it is lightweight. It can heat up to very high temperatures without creating hotspots that damage hair making it the ideal choice for people with stubborn, thick or extra curly hair. Many professional salons use titanium plated straighteners for their ability not only to heat up very quickly but also deliver great results. Do not use high heat on thin, fragile hair or you will cause damage.

Titanium plates also use infrared heat and negative ion technology to smooth hair and enhance shine.

Pros & Cons of Titanium Plates

  • Very durable and scratch-resistant, lasting longer than ceramic plates.
  • Reaches high temperatures to straighten stubborn hair.
  • Fewer passes need to be made = less exposure to heat.
  • Will likely cause damage at it’s high temperatures to thin, fragile hair.
  • The more expensive option.

Things to Consider When Making a Choice Between Ceramic vs Titanium Plates

Choosing between a ceramic and titanium hair straightener comes down to several factors:


Ceramic hair straighteners are very common and come in a wide price range. They offer great value for money and are usually cheaper than titanium irons. Keep in mind that the cheaper ceramic irons may not perform as well as the more expensive ones.

Hair Type

Hair type is the most important factor that comes in to play when choosing a straightener. Here are the differences between ceramic and titanium when it comes to hair type:

Ceramic – Good for all hair types from thin to thick hair. Will not work as well on hair that is very thick and stubborn or very curly.

Titanium – Should not be used on thin fragile hair. Great for hair that is thick, coarse and/or curly.


Although ceramic plates heat up pretty quickly, titanium plates will get the job done quicker due to their ability to quickly heat up, retain heat and allow for less passes through the hair.


If you are a beginner it is best to stick to ceramic hair straighteners until you get the hang of it and discover how your hair reacts to straightening/what temperature your hair straightens best at without causing damage. If you are experienced and know what you’re getting into with straightening hair, the titanium straightener is an excellent choice. Titanium plated hair straighteners are often used by professionals.

The Bottom Line

Ceramic plates provide quick and even heating and are great for all hair types, unless of course your hair is very stubborn and/or very curly. For a beginner, this is a great place to start. Titanium plates heat up to very high temperatures quickly and evenly. They may cause damage to hair that is fine and fragile and are best for professional or experienced users. When it comes down to a titanium hair straightener vs. ceramic, make the choice that is best for your hair type and skill level!

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